No, I didn’t want to do a PhD!

Two years and 6 months of pure torture. And then, I did it. I quit my PhD program. I said "bitch, bye" to my unprofessional academic advisor, not in those exact terms though. I have stood through accusations and mistreatments in that muck, hoping my life would see the light at the end of the … Continue reading No, I didn’t want to do a PhD!


Pettiness is in everybody

Today morning 11am: Me: My plates look good. *happy giggle* Boss: All I know is that I started working at 8.20 am for your cloning while you were snug in bed Nasty, harsh, petty....this is what a PhD student deals with. But it didn't break my spirit today. Normally, it would have! Its a small … Continue reading Pettiness is in everybody